Prayers during the time of home learning

A weekly prayer from Fr Christopher to all of our children and families:



Loving God,
We thank you for everything good that we have learned and done this term and this year,
for all the people who have taught and cared for us, and for each other.
Bless us over the summer, keep us safe and well,
and be with us whether we are coming back to St John’s or going to new beginnings,
in the name of Jesus Christ,



Loving God, you gave us our Lord Jesus Christ to follow.

Help us to walk in His way, and to follow all his commandments,

The greatest of which is to love You and our neighbours with our whole selves.

As we celebrate Jesus’s Ascension into heaven on Thursday, may we never forget His presence with us.




Lord Jesus Christ, you are the way, the truth and the life.

Walk with us in our life, and help us always to search for the truth

As we live in love with those around us.




Lord Jesus Christ, you are the Good Shepherd,
Who guides us through good times and bad.
Be with us now, so that we and all those we love may stay safe and well,
And that we will be able to be with all of our family and friends again soon.



Lord God, we thank you for making yourself known to your disciples by breaking bread with them.
Be with us in our shared meals with those who love and care for us,
And help us to find the face of Jesus in everyone around us.


Lord Jesus,
After your resurrection you appeared to your disciples at home.
May you be with us as we continue to learn and play in our own homes,
And may we know you more nearly and love you more dearly day by day.



Heavenly Father, this Holy Week help us to enter Jerusalem with Jesus Christ your Son,

Help us to walk with him on His way to the Cross,

And in his resurrection this Easter to find hope and joy in our lives.

We pray this in the name of Jesus our crucified and risen Saviour.




Heavenly Father,
As we journey towards Easter, help us to walk with Jesus beside us,
Help us to walk with our neighbours who are ill or struggling,
And may we continue to be lights of hope and joy to those around us.


Loving God,
We thank you for our friends, and for all who look after us and teach us,
We thank you for the bright spring weather, and for the food we enjoy.
Help us to care for those around us, as they care for us,
And keep us safe and well.
In Jesus’ name,