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Date Homework activity

Maths 1 - Multiplication by a multiple of 10 


Maths 2  - 3x table practice 

This month's value word is... Quality

This week we are learning about...

Learning items:
Literacy - Creative poetry writing 
Maths - Multiplication using grid method 
Science - Our Changing World 
P.E. - Dance 
R.E. - Christianity - 'Could Jesus heal people? Were these miracles or is there some explanation?'  
French - Numbers to 10 
Music - Three Little Birds by Bob Marley 

 Other useful websites / resources

This Week's Spellings

cable noble  hobble wobble  double 
tumble table  nibble bubble Bible 

This Week's Word Power Words

disguise impersonate intruder rigid swiftly
vault artefacts  rarity rare

Learning Ladders: Writing and Maths

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Year 3 Literacy Plan

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Our next class trip will be after half term.


Art Day - December 2019