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  Sending a virtual hug  to everyone

 Hello Reception Families

I hope you all continue to keep safe and well. It seems as if everyone is finding their own way of dealing with these challenging times and I hope that this is true for all of you.

Please continue to have meaningful and informative conversations with your children as this is the best way to engage them in taking ownership of their learning.

You are still able to access different educational sites by using the buttons on this page but be aware that the latest research shows that 4 and 5 year olds should not be in front of a monitor or screen for more than 1 hour in total per day! Human interactions and real life experiences are the best way to learn.

Conversations can help children to discover and embed new ideas, cultures, visions and vocabulary and will hopefully trigger your child's desire to be a life long learner.

Please remember to access this page regularly. 

Keep safe and well

Mrs Langridge


  • Please make sure you are aware of the sites your child is accessing when they go online:

                                                              Internet Safety

  •  Personal, Social and Emotional Development


This month's value word is Friendship

Do you understand what the word friend means? Is a friend somebody who is nice to you or someone whom you show kindness towards? Are we sometimes mean to our friends? If we are, how can we make things better? Make sure you take time to tell your friends how much you value them and keep an eye out for anyone who looks like they are in need of a friend.







  Literacy and Communication

Click on the picture and read the story to your child;

Then try some of these activities:

A Monster Surprise - Home Learning Challenges



This week we will be exploring the phonemes


s   a   t   p   i


    • Read with your child every day. Immerse them in the language of story and help them to explore the creative side of their personality.

    • Encourage your child to talk clearly and in sentences about their day and what activities they have been doing.

    • Practice cursive script - every letter to start on the line and sit on the line. 

    • Letters and Sounds



      Phonics Play




  • Identify numbers up to 10; see if you can find one more than any number up to 10 

  • Accurately count out sets of objects containing a random number of items 

  • Using a number line 0 - 20 - count from zero up to 20 and then count back to zero.





Knowledge and Understanding of the World

Go Wild!


                                                 Go on a learning walk in the garde


 RE Overview for the Autumn Term

What Makes People Special?  



Talk about your own family and close friends. Who is special to you? What special things do you do with your family. How do you celebrate birthdays, festivals and other special times? Jesus taught us that everyone is special and unique but that we are all one big family.