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Year 4's Homework G1

Year 4's Homework G2

8x table activity


Year 4's Homework G1

Year 4's Homework G2

11x table activity


Year 4's homework


Write a sentence using each of your spelling words correctly.


6x table activity

This month's value word is Quality

This week we are learning about...

Learning items:
Maths - Multiplication and Division
English - The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo
Science - Electricity
RE - Can the Buddha’s teachings make the world a better place?
History and Geography - The Roman Empire
PE - Swimming/Cricket

 Other useful websites / resources

Times tables practice

The Roman Empire

This Week's Spellings

Group 1

actual caught early exercise favourite
grammar often promise straight through

Group 2

again children could every everybody
great improve often promise early


This Week's Word Power Words

Learning Ladders: WritingMaths

Year 4 Autumn Term Curriculum

Year 4 Spring Term Curriculum

Year 4 Summer Term Curriculum

RE Overview

Year 4 Literacy Plan

Year 4 Reading List

Our latest class trip was to the Science Museum on Friday17th January.