At St John Baptist Primary school, we aim to deepen children’s understanding, confidence and competence in Maths. Pupils learn that the skills learnt in Maths are essential to everyday life and are not confined to number and calculation.


Teachers use concrete apparatus such as Numicon, Dienes and counters to support children in knowing the key mathematical facts and methods. To aid with recalling these efficiently, we teach these skills explicitly during Maths gym in the morning, carry out mental oral starters at the start of Maths lessons and conduct weekly number bonds and times tables tests to track pupils’ progress.


Every child is given the opportunity to reason in each unit of Maths. This may take place verbally or in written form to explain a mathematical concept, identify if a mistake has been made or prove a mathematical relationship.

Problem solving

Pupils are regularly provided with opportunities to problem solve where they have the opportunity to sift through information and find out what is important, use trial and error and find solutions to mathematical challenges. 

*See the calculation policy for more detail on our approach to teaching Maths and the Mathematical methods we teach.

Calculation Policy

*For more information on how to support your child's Maths learning at home, please visit the link below.

Supporting your child's Maths learning