Science is an integral part of the curriculum at St John Baptist Primary School.   Children are naturally curious and have many questions about the world around them. We provide all children with the necessary core scientific knowledge and investigative skills to answer their questions about these processes through the disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics. We encourage every child to engage with scientific concepts to understand how the field of Science can be used to observe, predict and analyse causes.  Using a variety of scientific enquiries, we aim to inspire children to fully understand the uses and implications of Science today and in the future.

Embedded in our science lessons are opportunities to use a variety of investigative skills, including:

  • generating their own lines of enquiry
  • making predictions
  • analysing results
  • observing changes over time
  • collecting results in a variety of ways
  • drawing conclusions from their observations
  • evaluating their own method and the reliability of their results.


Underpinning this is an emphasis on children actively participating in their own practical investigations and experiments, utilizing the classroom, wider school grounds and the local environment and community.

The school’s priority is to provide a widely differentiated curriculum so all children can access at their level of understanding and use robust assessment to provide tailored teaching.

Areas of study covered throughout the school:

Year 1: Plant Detectives, Looking at Animals, Using our Scenes, Everyday Materials, Sensing Seasons, Our Changing World.

Year 2: Taking Care of Ourselves, Changing the Shape of Materials, What is in Your Habitat?, The Apprentice Gardener, Choosing Materials, Growing Up.

Year 3: How does your Garden Grow?, Rock Detectives, Can you see Me?, The Power of Forces, Amazing Bodies, Our Changing World.

Year 4: Changing States, Sound, Electricity and Circuits, Digestion, Human Impact, Who Am I?

Year 5: Reproduction in Plants and Animals, Everyday Materials, Marvellous Mixtures, Reversible and Irreversible Changes, Feel the Force, The Earth and Beyond.

Year 6: The Nature Library, Body Pump, Body Health, Everything Changes, Danger! Low Voltage, Light Up Your World.