School Council

The School Council is an important part of the school community.  It gives the children the chance to have their voices heard and take an active part in the school.

How our School Council works;

  • There is an election in Years 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. One boy and one girl are elected from each class.
  • Each class has a class council meeting. The views and ideas of the class are collected.  The views of the class are then taken to the School Council, which meets every 2 weeks, supported by a member of staff.
  • They are informed of what is happening in the school and they give their views and opinions. The children then take this information back to the class and discuss it with them.

Subjects discussed at the School Council vary greatly.  They have included;

  • Playground equipment
  • Ideas for new clubs
  • The curriculum
  • The school environment i.e. toilets
  • Homework
  • Visits

In the last academic year, the School Council were very active and achieved a lot together:

  • Following the pupils survey in July 2018, the school council were asked to gather feedback on the playground, as this had received a less positive response. These were the main points raised: need gates on the quiet area to stop children running through, a new shelter, an additional water fountain in the KS2 playground and values words in the quiet area.
  • Baroness Laurence visited and spoke to the school council about how they would live their best life. The council answered using our values.
  • Councillors Janet Daby, Mark Ingleby and Jonathon visited the school. They met with the school council to discuss the green area opposite school.  The children gave them many ideas of how they wanted to improve the are and how it could happen.
  • The School Council met with Peter Maynard, from Lewisham, to discuss the green area.  This resulted in the benches being taken away, the bushes being cut to a height where you could see in and the area being cleaned up.
  • Following work and discussions about safety on the green opposite our school and our local community the council requested more safety assemblies/workshops.  Sgt Elliott came in for a whole school assembly and his team of police officers held workshops in years 5 and 6.
  • They also kept a diary of ‘problems’ on the green, so we could report back to Peter in Lewisham.
  • The school council were heavily involved in the SIAMS inspection (March 2019).  They spoke in depth with the inspector and answered many questions, with conviction and pride.