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This month's value word is...



Summer Term


1) Ratio revision


2) Reading comprehension about mythical stories from Japan


3) Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar activities 


1) Ratio questions


2) Reading comprehension about the life of Prince Philip


3) Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar activities


1) Can you generate and describe linear sequences?


2) Reading comprehension about Earth Day 2021


3)Practise spelling words ending in -ant, -ance, -ancy


1) Algebra questions


2) Reading comprehension about Ramadan


3) Practise spelling words ending -ible and -able

Autumn Term

Half term homework

1) Reflection and translation SATS-style questions


2) Maths Past SATS paper


3) Past SATS reading booklet and answer booklet


4) Six Creative Writing activities


1) Arithmetic Practice


2) Can you read the extract titled, When You Grow Up, and answer the comprehension questions?


3) Click here to watch a video on the life and work of Harriet Tubman.


1) Multiplying and Dividing Fractions


2) Can you read the extract titled, The Wrong Train, and answer the comprehension questions?


3) Find out more about who the ancient Greek gods and goddesses were on BBC Bitesize.


1) Fraction questions




2) Can you choose the correct verb form?

3) Can you circle all of the adverbs in each sentence?

4) Can you decide if each sentence is a statement, command or question?

5) Can you identify the word class in each sentence?


1) Can you add and subtract the mixed numbers?


Challenge - Can you identify the missing fractions on the number line?


2) Read the article on pets in cold weather and answer the questions.


3) Watch this animation about the Greek invention of vowels.



1) Fractions SATS-style questions


2) Read the article on the human digestive system and answer the questions


3) Our new Science topic is Light. Can you watch this video about different light sources?


1) BIDMAS SATS practice questions


2) Can you insert commas in the correct place?


3) Can you add parenthesis to each sentence? 


4) Can you answer the questions about parenthesis?

Half term homework

1) Arithmetic SATS past paper


2) Reading SATS past paper and question booklet


3) Maths Reasoning SATS  past paper


4) SPaG SATS past paper


1) Can you complete the SATS-style questions for multiples, factors and prime numbers?


2) Reading comprehension extract: Jane Eyre


3) Reading comprehension questions


1) Division SATS questions


2) Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar past SATS paper


3) Revise telling the time in French


Watch and sing along to the French 'telling the time' song below:



Play the 'telling the time' interactive game


1) Multiplication and Division Word Problems


2) Reading comprehension extract: Armistice Runner


3) Reading comprehension questions


1) Addition and Subtraction SATS practice questions


2) Can you locate the different countries in Europe?


3) Can you label the different continents and oceans?


1) Negative numbers SATS practice questions


2) Research Ancient Greece and create a keynote presentation on your iPads


3)Watch the video below to learn places in a town in French





Arithmetic past SATS paper


Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar past SATS paper

This week we are learning about...

Learning items:
Maths - Multiplying and dividing fractions
English - Descriptive and instructional writing
PE- Fitness
French - Weather
Science - investigating how a mirror reflects an image
Art - Drawing people 
Computing - Designing LEGO floodgates
Geography - Investigating hydropower
RE- Making Christingles

 Other useful websites / resources

Square and cube numbers

Prime numbers





Diary entry

Ancient Greece

LGFL Busy Things


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1) Click the option 'Normal USO Login'

2) Enter the login details that the school has issued to you

3) Click the green button to login

4) Select 'Key Stage 2'

5) Select 'Year 6'

6) Choose a subject area you would like to explore

7) Enjoy the activities


Past SATS papers


Set 1

accept except affect effect loose
lose stationary stationery desert dessert

 Set 2

ambitious cautious fictitious infectious nutritious
official special artificial partial confidential

This Week's Word Power Words

blotted foreign tottering bone-shattering gingerly
patriotic holster carcass relentless intensifier

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