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Date Homework activity

Decimals Practice Test


SPaG Practice


Watch the animation about vertebrates and invertebrates.



Decimal Arithmetic Questions


Non-fiction Reading Comprehension - endangered


Watch the animation about shadows.



BODMAS Calculations


Year 6 SATS Reading Booklet 2016


Year 6 SATS Reading Answer Booklet 2016


Watch the birth of Jesus animation.




Multiples, factors and prime numbers SATS Questions


'The Cave' short story


'The Cave' comprehension questions


Practise numbers 1-20 in French. 


This month's value word is Quality.

This week we are learning about...

Learning items:
Maths - decimals
English - understanding the different themes and conventions in the story, 'The White Fox' 
Science - grouping and classifying living things
History - Ancient Greece
French - recognising and saying what lessons we do at school
RE - Is anything ever eternal?

 Other useful websites / resources

Maths - Decimals
Science - Classification
French - School
History - Ancient Greece

This Week's Spellings

Set 1

said with there went some
they what have like then

 Set 2

familiar forty government harass identity
foreign frequently guarantee hindrance immediate

This Week's Word Power Words

drenched protruding wormed auburn jaunty
voluminous lathered incoherently romp torrent

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RE Overview

Year 6 Literacy Plan

Year 6 Reading List

Our next class trip is to the BFI Southbank on Tuesday 28th April.

Year 6 Writer's Corner