Children at St John Baptist primary school enjoy a variety of British and World History topics. Children learn about the complexity of people’s lives, the process of change, the diversity of societies and relationships between different groups, and their own identity and the challenges of their time.

The Big Ideas

Our history curriculum has been carefully created to help children make links between periods studied. The following 'big historical ideas' are recurring themes across our school curriculum, particularly in KS2.

Key Historical Concepts 

Each lesson is based around a key historical concept and enquiry question to ensure that children are challenged to think like historians and are provided with many opportunities to engage in historical enquiry.


Chronology is a key area of our history curriculum. Our 'big timeline' allows children to make links between topics and different periods of time.  


The knowledge that is taught within our history curriculum can be viewed or downloaded below. The knowledge organisers bring together all the information that children need to learn in order to fully engage with the subject.


Year 2 Knowledge Organiser                                                 Year 3 Knowledge Organiser


Year 4 Knowledge Organiser                                                 Year 5 Knowledge Organiser

Year 6 Knowledge Organiser


Each topic has key vocabulary built into lessons which are reviewed and built upon throughout the years. Much of the language children learn is transferable and this allows them to make links between the various periods of history studied. Children are given time to use the historical vocabulary they have learned through oral tasks such as explaining what a word means or a historical concept or in written tasks such as non-chronological reports.

Innovate Projects

Every history topic culminates in an innovate project. This is a chance for children to showcase their knowledge in an innovative and creative way, ensuring that the quality of work is the very best that they can achieve. Time is given to review, develop and refine to the finished article.

What about black history? 

Black History and the histories of non-Caucasian groups form an integral part of our curriculum throughout each year and are very much a part of a child's journey through history at St John's.

Each year, children learn about the positive impact that diversity has had on Britain through a three-week class study. For example: Black Pioneers, Windrush, Fight for your Rights.

In the summer term, we celebrate diversity through class topics based on the cultural studies of a particular country. These topics aim to teach children the rich and diverse cultures that the St John's community is lucky to have. The children will learn about the music, food, art and literature of their key country and our community comes together to celebrate Cultural Day, a highlight of our school calendar!

We also celebrate Black History Month in October and each year we focus on a different theme.