Welcome to St John Baptist Primary School’s website. This is one of the many ways we share information with parents and carers. We hope you find the information contained in this website useful and informative. 

We believe that parents have a vital role. Evidence shows that children whose parents/carers do get involved with school life are more likely to succeed. If you are a parent/carer and you want to help in the classroom or at home and you need advice, please ask your child's teacher.  We aim to do everything in our power to have cooperation between school and home and build up mutual confidence between teachers and parents. Communication is a crucial part of this. The school has an open door policy. Parents and carers are welcome to come and see the school in action at any time, but we do ask that they contact the office staff to make an appointment. Parents/carers may see their child’s work at any time, but again we ask that they make an appointment with the child’s teacher to do this. The school offers many other opportunities for parents/carers to see the school in action: family assemblies, concerts, parents' evenings/academic review days and other events occur throughout the year. Parents/carers are encouraged to meet to discuss a child’s progress as the need arises. At Academic Review Days, each child’s progress in achieving individual targets is discussed and new targets are agreed. Towards the end of the summer term an end of year report is written for each child and a copy is given to parents/carers.

And finally….All of us have a part to play in preserving what is special about St John’s. Also, we can all be involved in making it even more effective as a place of learning and as a community of trust and love. We aim for all of our children to leave us motivated and ready to grasp opportunities in a changing world. You have a part to play in this quest. Come and discuss with a member of staff what you can contribute. All are welcome.