School's Christian Vision and Values

Our School's Christian Vision, Motto and Values form the bedrock of everything we do at St John's. They guide all our actions and decisions and all at St John's become 'Shining Lights'.

We immerse the children in the Christian values and they are present throughout the school environment. When the children leave St John's and move on to their secondary schools, they have internalised the values, influencing the choices they make as they travel through their lives.

In 2015, we were awarded the Values Education kite mark for the values curriculum and ethos that we provide. In September 2023, we celebrated 20 years of Values education at St John's. We came together again as a school community and went through the process of refining and clarifying our values again. We now have eleven Value Words, which form the basis of our all our assemblies and worship times and also contribute to a number of values-based projects the children experience. All of our Values are Christian and link to Jesus and his example for us. We encourage the children (and ourselves as staff members) to talk about them, reflect on them, embody them and live them out in every area of our lives. The children engage with our values-based curriculum projects, such as working with their disabled friend from Greenvale Special School. Many of the core books the children study in Literacy lessons can also be linked to our value words. The children are also encouraged to use the value words at home and we include the parents in our values education too, teaching and speaking about the values with the families of our school.


September Love March Humility
October Thankfulness April Forgiveness
November Peace May Courage
December Hope June Empathy
January Self-control July Faith
February Honesty August n/a